Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dumb Or Smart? 

When the government is holding a hearing discussing the actions of your company, should you at least show up? Or, given the nature of the hearing is there nothing you can do to defend yourself, so why bother? This appears to be the dilemma that cable broadband provider Comcast is facing. Comcast is electing to stay away from Federal Communications Commission hearings into net neutrality. The knee-jerk PR reaction is that it is a dumb move. One should be there. A more considered reaction is that the battle will be fought in Washington DC and not in California where the hearing is taking place, and there is nothing that will be said in the hearing that Comcast doesn't already know. It is a forum for the opposition to be heard. Still, if it were my job to counsel Comcast, I would strongly suggest participation. Why give a forum over completely to the other side?

It seems perhaps Toyota (the man and the company) should take a nod from your blog and decide that a fitting place for the grandson of the founder/current CEO should be in front of the congressional panel reasurring the American public that Toyota is doing all that it can to ensure the safety of the drivers and families of the Toyota brand.

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