Thursday, January 07, 2010


This is an odd bit of publicity. Exploding cheese. Rather, an implosion of an old sports stadium officially sponsored by Kraft Foods. (How does one implode cheese?) Kraft will certainly gain awareness through a contest to select the person to press the button, but how this relates to cheese is beyond me. From a PR perspective, there isn't a good fit between the stunt and the company's positioning. Someone thought it would be a neat idea for a publicity event and that appears to be as far as it goes in terms of matching the company to the explosion. I'm sure Kraft is depending on YouTube videos of the explosion to reach tens of thousands of viewers worldwide, but it still doesn't make much sense, even with Kraft's rationalization.

Clearly, a cheesy event at all levels. Probably a play on the old saw -- I don't care what you do to get me publicity, just make sure you get my name in the headlines. I hope the back draft from the explosion doesn't singe Kraft's reputation.

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