Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How Did It Get This Far? 

How did it get this far that car recalls have risen to a diplomatic issue between countries? Simply put, Toyota has botched nearly every step of its recalls underway, and various actors, including the US Secretary of Transportation, have needlessly scared owners. There has been too much silence throughout the process. The CEO of Toyota stayed out of the issue until two days ago when he finally promised a fix for all defects -- now three and counting.

There are two important tasks for Toyota now -- fix the problems quickly and review its engineering process to figure out why so many errors were missed. The latter is a task of months and not weeks. The company's reputation for quality is ruined. It won't get it back for years to come, and it will come only after several new models have been proven to meet the highest engineering standards. It is a sad come-down for the company, but the wounds were self-inflicted.


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