Thursday, February 04, 2010

Proper Use of Populism 

TO: Secretary of Transportation, Ray LaHood

FROM: Spinmeister

SUBJ: Proper Use of Populism

Mr. Secretary, it has come to our attention that your comments yesterday advising drivers of Toyota autos to "stop driving" their cars was an improper use of populist rhetoric. The object of populism is to incite citizens against an evil, such as a large corporation, a bank or other force and in so doing to win votes for your side. The object is not to panic citizens and turn them against you, thereby costing your party votes in the next election. Of course, we know populism doesn't have to be true or accurate but it must achieve its designated end -- painting the opposition black and gaining support. We know you regret that you "misspoke" but the damage has been done. We urge you, Mr. Secretary, in the future to follow advice we offered to the Vice President of the United States: Think twice. Speak Once. We wish you the best of success in your next populist attack on evil corporations and their leaders, and we will gladly help you as we prepare for midterm elections.




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