Thursday, March 18, 2010


Privacy is an interesting issue in the internet era. We lose it willingly when we surf the internet, shop online, play games, etc. Yet, we don't want others to take advantage of us. As this article discusses, even if we are vigilant about privacy, we're giving it away. This is a relationship issue with the public that won't disappear, especially in relation to marketing to others. What can be done about it from the PR perspective? We can be reminders to marketing and senior management that people want their information respected. Most companies appear to understand this today, but there is constant erosion that one needs to worry about. We'll use this data today, then that other data tomorrow. Soon one is profiling each customer across the web. At some point, there will be more restrictive legislation about privacy, but it would be better if companies acted on their own before they are legally required to do so.



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