Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Note the changes in PR that YouTube has wrought in just five years.  YouTube has brought video expression to everyone.  It was too expensive to display personal videos before YouTube other than in one's own home or one's own computer screen.  Now it has become a medium of choice for every level of society from individuals with mobile phone cameras through corporations launching marketing campaigns to political candidates expressing their views or attacking opponents.  The revolution happened so quickly and naturally that it is hard to believe YouTube has been around only five years.  There is no guarantee YouTube will last as a medium.  Other services might take its place someday, but video will remain an anchor medium on the web because of YouTube and a feature of PR plans. 

interesting topic. It is quite amazing how Youtube has implemented an effective PR plan to establish itself within 5 years well in every strata of society. I agree, some other service may overtake youtube some day, but youtube has been able to achieve whatever it planned to.

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