Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Lawyers And Social Media 

This fellow vents often enough but he has a point.  Using lawyers to police social media is a foolhardy way to go.  All it does is to upset the individual and to provoke more negative remarks. In this instance, the offending company was USAA, an insurance firm that is highly rated in customer service.  It should have known better.  PR practitioners have a difficult task in convincing senior executives to take a lighter hand in responding to social media, but it is essential to protect the reputation of the organization.  One may respond to negative remarks, especially when they are false and harmful, but it should be done without the heavy hand of the law.  One should engage and remain approachable, even if it is to warn someone against the misuse of trademarks.  This is something lawyers fail to understand with cease and desist missives. 


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