Wednesday, May 19, 2010


"Misspoke" is a weasel word, and it should be banned from a politician's lexicon, especially this one who misspoke frequently about his past military service.  There is a better word for telling the same untruth time and again.  That word is "lied."  It is a good Old English derivative.  It is short and truthful and unlike "misspoke" which implies lack of intention and attention.  Too many claim to have "misspoken."  It is to a point where none have ever lied.  Somehow their mouths weren't connected to their brains when they were speaking.  They were on some malevolent auto-pilot that took over their lips, teeth and tongue.  Voters weary of this semantic obfuscation.  They know what an individual has done even though the individual can't bring himself to admit it.  It would be far better if a politician said, "I lied.  I won't do it again." 


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