Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Here is an example of BP's PR that is being mocked mercilessly and justifiably so.  It is incomprehensible that BP is trying to spin a positive side out of a disaster of its own making, but that is apparently what the company is attempting.  This is a time for straight reporting -- just the facts, just the raw video and audio.  Let the public decide for itself how BP is doing.  Instead, we get feature stories on how out-of-work boat captains are learning to place oil booms.  If anyone is going to write a story like that, it should be a member of the media but not BP, which has no credibility.  No one can blame the company for defending itself.  But one can blame the company for defending itself badly.

BP definitely needs a lesson in public relations. We recently blogged how an honest apology goes along way.

BP definitely needs to learn a lesson in public relations. Instead of defending themselves, BP should have openly apologised for the disaster and do what they could do best to improve the disaster caused by the oil spill, come out with the reasons for the spill and what are they doing for the disaster not to happen again, etc. This would have helped the company a great deal in building up its PR. Defending oneself will not help a great deal.

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