Friday, June 11, 2010

Evolve Or Be Damned 

This is an interesting story on a proposal to impose taxes in order to save the newspaper industry.  Print publications of all kinds, not just newspapers, are facing extinction, as you well know.  The fear is that nothing will replace them as unbiased purveyors of information about society and government.  That fear is mostly, but not entirely, wrong.  There are media on the internet that are reporting difficult stories and producing prize-winning journalism.  Unfortunately, most of these media are not self-supporting, and there doesn't appear to be an economic model on the horizon that is practical.  So, there is a likelihood there will be a return to a period in America when news reporting is opinionated, biased and barely credible.  This strikes at the heart of media relations in PR.  We may move from placing stories to defending against attacks while the facts of an organization, product or event are merchandised directly online.  We see this happening now.  As newspapers disappear, the question is how much more will occur.  From my perspective, it is more likely than not.


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