Monday, June 07, 2010

How The Online World Has Changed 

Five years ago, who would have predicted that the two dominant online media would be Facebook and Twitter?  I wouldn't and I didn't.  But they are here and have their own advantages.  Twitter is an excellent headline news medium, much like the wire service headline feeds of yore.  Facebook is a source of relationship and expression that dwarfs blogging. I wish that I used both heavily but I don't.  As it is, I'm buried in news throughout the day using other online media.  Secondly, I don't feel a need to expand a circle of "friends" to tens then hundreds. 

This raises an interesting question.  Because of the prevalence of media on the Internet, fragmentation will grow rather than decrease even with the dominance of a few services.  Even though one might be present on Facebook, for example, that doesn't mean that uses it heavily.  Presence might be more of an obligation than an interest. So, finding what one really uses will become harder than ever. 


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