Monday, June 28, 2010

Interesting Week 

Sometimes it doesn't pay to take time off.  In the past week, a general committed career suicide by interview and a president bolstered his polls with a financial reform bill.  About the general, Stanley McChrystal, one wonders if he paid attention to the PR training he had during his rise to the top.  His blunder was so basic that one has to believe there was intent.  That is, he was looking to get out, and he chose a ham-handed way to do it.  Whatever the real reason, there must have been a feeling of despair among Public Affairs Officers in the army.  

The financial reform bill is a law Obama wants, but if one can trust newspaper reports about it, Congress "kicked the can down the road" by assigning the task of real regulation to agencies where lobbying already is underway.  No matter.  Obama can point to a success and a PR coup.  Based on his popularity ratings, it is a success he needs.

I wonder if this week will be as interesting as last.


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