Tuesday, July 13, 2010


When one commits a PR blunder, it hurts more if one should have avoided the error.  Apple is in the middle of a major faux pas that it could have avoided had it listened to its customers.  It didn't, and now Consumer Reports no longer recommends the iPhone 4 because of antenna problems.  Consumer Reports performed tests on the phone that other media had already completed.  So far, all have found that the new antenna on the phone loses signal strength if one holds the phone in a certain way.  Apple declared that this fading was a software problem and not loss of signal at all.  In fact, Apple said the software problem had existed on all iPhones for years and the company had not realized it.  No one in the media is buying this explanation.  There may be a software problem but there is also a hardware problem.  One wonders how a company like Apple can put itself into a spot like this. It knows better.  Now it has a worse PR mess to clean up and a potential loss of business if people stop buying the phone.


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