Thursday, July 08, 2010

Changing Attitudes 

This is an interesting story about Europe and its latest proposals related to genetically modified foods.  Europe was stalwart opponent of "frankenfoods," so the rest of the world took to growing with modified seeds and Europe fell behind.  Now there is argument in the EU over the issue.  Some countries want to plant them.  Others are still opposed.  Still others have constituents who are ready to use GMFs but cannot overcome local opposition.  This appears to be quite a change from the united opposition of a few years ago.  It is a slow shift of public opinion among nations and farm communities, a transformation caused by the success of GMFs elsewhere.  Sometimes all the PR work one does is not enough.  It takes time for others to come to a new view, and some never do.  While it is doubtful that Europe will become a strong proponent of GMFs, it is likely there will be much more growing there with them than in the past.  That is remarkable in itself.


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