Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Here is an evil scam that blackens the reputations of legitimate companies through no fault of their own.  So-called security experts masquerade as virus catchers, infect machines of unsuspecting users then charge them for removing it.  In the process they advertise themselves as authorized vendors of companies such as Microsoft and McAfee.  The worst part is that the scamsters are probably located somewhere beyond government's reach. Angry victims will demand to know why the companies haven't blocked the scamming when the companies are unable to do much about it themselves.  Note that the scamsters are prepared to move on to new URLs if they are blocked.  This is a kind of reputational issue for which there are few solutions other than the companies informing users of the scam and cautioning them not to be taken in.  There will be many more schemes like this, and it demonstrates why companies in the internet age can never relax in guarding themselves and their customers.


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