Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Fluid Environment 

The President is working in a fluid environment in which he has already lost support of constituencies that put him into office.  Democrats are justifiably nervous about midterm elections only a few months away, and with unemployment remaining stubbornly high, there is little good news that the party can point to.  From a PR perspective, there isn't much the President can do.  He can't manufacture jobs nor can he order the economy to get better.  Unfortunately, whether he likes it or not, he still owns the problem and is being held accountable.  He has a similar problem with the oil spill.  He didn't create it nor can he do much to stop the leak and speed the cleanup.  Yet, the public holds him responsible.   This is true for all Presidents.  Obama isn't being singled out, but it is a reminder that the public is unfair and demanding.  One doesn't keep support for long.  It is always "what have you done for me lately."


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