Thursday, August 05, 2010

Looking At Your Mortality 

Research In Motion (RIM), the maker of Blackberry phones has dropped into second place behind Android phones in the US.  If I were RIM, I would be worried about this.  I've seen this scenario before in high-tech.  A strong market leader is overtaken, passed and then falls into oblivion because it could not react quickly enough.  Meanwhile, the failing market leader is communicating an "all's well" message that is increasingly out of sync with what is happening.  What is needed is an "all-hands to the wheel"  call and an emphasis on innovation and perhaps, opening the Blackberry operating system to other phone makers, which is what Android has done.  The tech marketplace is merciless and driven by consumer desire.  One cannot force the consumer to buy a Blackberry.  RIM may have good distribution now but should it slide into third place, it will be in serious trouble.  The message inside the company should be one of urgency.


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