Monday, August 30, 2010

Network Of Misinformation 

I may not agree with President Obama on everything but his comments about a network of misinformation on the internet are accurate.  The web is a major source of misperception and inaccurate statements, especially about Obama's birth and religion.  In spite of evidence to the contrary, conspiracy theorists continue to boil new allegations and commentary.  It won't stop even after Obama leaves the White House years hence.  And, it isn't worth fighting because the people who push the theories are committed in their beliefs.  One can't persuade them that they are wrong.  They are beyond public relations.  Obama has to work with the majority who accept facts or ignore error.  Persistent rumor is a condition of the internet era, and it is an issue that PR practitioners must learn to monitor and deal with when it begins to threaten companies and clients.  There is no stopping it, however.  Credulous people are everywhere.

In rhetoric it is known as 'doxa', the realm of "belief" which has little to do with fact and evidence. For some people 'belief' is enough in spite of evidence challenging the foundation of it. It's a bit like faith. But when it comes to corporate reputation, it can be damaging indeed.

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