Friday, August 06, 2010

Searching For A Slip 

This story on the use of trackers in political campaigns should be a warning to PR practitioners everywhere.    There is no privacy left in public life.  One can't play in Peoria before going to the Big Time, as we used to do with spokespersons and messages.   There is no journalistic filter either.  One can record another on a cell phone, put it on YouTube and make a case against a person or a company.  Look for trackers in high-profile corporate events such as just occurred with BP.  What this means, as the former CEO of BP learned, is that there is no room for mistakes now.  One must be perfect from the beginning and learn to stay on message.  This is something that is hard to do for politicians.  It is doubly hard for CEOs who aren't trained to handle the limelight.  So, be warned.  What is happening today on the political campaign trail may happen tomorrow in pursuit of Big Business.


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