Monday, August 23, 2010

Too Much Communication? 

Our family has just finished a week camping, biking through a national park and visiting towns and villages on an island off Maine.  There was something disturbing about it when one heard a 6-year-old ask his father if there was WiFi at the camp site.  (There was but it didn't work well.)  It was bothersome too to see a family sitting around a campfire at night next to their tent with laptops glowing on their knees.  Or, in the middle of the forest in the national park to see a hiker checking his Blackberry.  Is it possible to get away any longer? Apparently not on the East Coast of the United States.  One wonders if this is healthy.  The idea of vacation is to change settings and refocus but people are no longer away.  They are linked umbilically to work, family and friends.  From a PR perspective, it highlights the omnipresent power of communications, but it also shows how much cultural values have changed.  We have to learn to isolate ourselves when we choose to because there is longer a way to break the link.


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