Monday, September 13, 2010

Complete Disaster 

The California gas pipe blowout was a complete disaster with an unknown number of deaths, nearly 50 homes destroyed and many more damaged, some beyond repair.  Pacific Gas and Electric has taken responsibility for the accident, but how could it not?  There had been sewer repair work done at the point of the blowout that was the responsibility of the city, but no one knows if it had any effect on the high-pressure pipe.  PG&E will be measured now on the basis of its response to the victims and their needs for food, shelter, medical attention and transportation.  The public's perception of the company will be based for a long time on the caring or lack thereof that PG&E shows in the coming weeks.  Though PG&E is at fault, its public relations in response to the disaster can go far in mitigating anger toward the company.  It is a question of how fast and effectively PG&E can move to implement crisis plans. 


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