Monday, September 06, 2010

Interesting Ploy 

Craigslist started to block adult content from its site over the weekend with the word "censored" in place of the word "adult."  Some are interpreting this as a protest against attorneys general who were pushing the site to get rid of ads for prostitution, among other X-rated services.  From a Free Speech point of view, this is a good PR move.  From a moral behavior point of view, it is suspect.  The attorneys general have a point that adult services rarely occur without some criminality associated with them, so why allow them to advertise?  It is a hard call for an organization like Craigslist, especially since it is costing them tens of millions in revenue.  It might not be so hard a call, if Craigslist realized that scoundrels of all sorts abuse Free Speech regularly to their advantage and to the cost of society at large.  From a broader PR perspective, Craigslist should not have allowed the services in the first place.


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