Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Reality And Perception 

India is eager for the rest of the world to see it as a rapidly developing country.  But, as long as practices such as this remain , it is hard to accept that it has joined the first world or even left the Third World.  In this case, reality is perception.  The reality is that India condones labor practices that much of the world condemns and hasn't been part of more developed countries for 100 years or more.  There is no "PR" in the worst sense of the term that can offset the use of child labor in coal mines.  The only solution is to put a stop to it, which may be politically difficult, and to increase protections for miners generally.  Even China is being forced to upgrade its safety measures for miners after a number of accidents and deaths.  India eventually will have to do the same.  When reality and perception meet, India will have made real progress.

This is so true. It seems these days that people cover try to cover wrong-doings or mishaps with a little PR, or solid marketing. Bad government practices, covered by PR, or good marketing hiding bad celebrities and etcetera. But where to draw the line? Here. As you said, there is no "PR" that can cover something as devastating as child labor. India and other countries that still utilize child labor need to realize that covering something up with PR does not make a bad thing go away, and that they will never really solve their problems or become a true first world country until they make their actions a reality.

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