Tuesday, September 07, 2010

When Publicity Can Hurt 

Widely touted opinion polls show Republicans far ahead of the Democrats in the final two months of the midterm elections.  If I were a Republican, I would pay no attention to them and, in fact, I would be concerned.  Polls these days are notoriously inaccurate,and there is always a chance of a shift in opinion right up to the moment when citizens cast ballots.  Republicans might be tempted to take a victory lap before they are voted into office, and of course, Democrats will do what they can to thwart an "inevitable" outcome.  That is what the President is doing with a proposal for a new tax cut.  This is a time to ignore publicity and to work harder than ever in campaigning.  The voters' mood is angry and volatile.  They want action and they will go with the party that will produce it.  There is no guarantee Congress will change.


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