Monday, October 11, 2010

Non-stop Mouth 

It's an offbeat campaign strategy to talk constantly, say one outrageous thing after another and anger constituencies.  New York's Republican gubernatorial candidate seems to think this is an effective approach.  He is a fool, of course, who is far behind in the polls and falling further every time he opens his mouth.  One wonders who, if anyone, advises individuals like this.  It is a greater wonder that he got as far as he did in the electoral process.  He makes it is easy for his opponent.  The Democratic candidate quotes the Republican's statements back to the public and tut-tuts a little.  The race is a reminder that money alone is not an effective PR strategy.  That's a lesson that the Republican candidate for California's governorship also is learning.  She has spent more than $140 million to get elected and is still in trouble in the polls. 


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