Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Opt-out Strategy 

Here is something unusual -- an opt-out strategy in political campaigning.  One doesn't meet the press, takes no questions, avoids publicizing public events, turns down opportunities to be on national TV and radio talk shows.  The idea is to avoid gaffes that the opposition can use against the candidate.  It's an interesting approach but self-defeating -- that is, unless one of the candidates wins using this tactic.  It is the opposite of transparency, a principle of public relations.  In the olden days of political campaigning, candidates did not go on the trail pumping hands and kissing babies.  They delivered campaign speeches from the porches of their homes.  On the other hand, they relied on newspapers to carry their messages to the people.  Today's stealth candidate avoids the media.  I'm skeptical it can work, but perhaps it is worth trying once.


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