Thursday, December 09, 2010


Reports that hackers are attacking web sites of companies deemed hostile to Wikileaks are not news.  Hackers have attacked organizations repeatedly on the web.  From a PR perspective, news would be what companies are doing to protect themselves from this kind of assault.  My bet is that most companies, even high profile corporations, are unprepared and have few backups ready.  There are technology defenses but the PR practitioner should be concerned about how to switch communications channels in the event that one or more are shut down.  Hackers are a good reason for maintaining multiple media.  And, there is no reason to believe that hackers will ever go away.  These kinds of online protests will increase as more protesters figure out how to do them.  They might not disrupt business but they are a headache and an embarrassment, and it is nearly impossible to deal with shadowy groups such as Anonymous. 


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