Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Technology And Communications 

This is an interesting retrospective on change in technology and how it has affected communications.  The topic is camera phones.  Just a few years ago, technology gurus thought they were a dumb idea and could never replace point-and-shoot cameras.  Today, of course, there isn't an event without people holding their camera phones aloft to record pictures of it.  And, many prefer the camera phone because they can send an image immediately to others by e-mail.  The camera phone has changed the way we think about visual communications.  From a PR perspective, one should expect the presence of a camera phone.  That is both positive and negative.  As politicians have learned, there isn't a gaffe that goes unrecorded now.  On the other hand, the speed in which visual imagery is delivered to others has increased and is more distributed than depending on a wire service.  One wonders what future technologies will do to the PR business that once depended on third-party media.


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