Thursday, December 23, 2010

Too Bad 

This is an amusing complaint.  Tort lawyers trying to file suits in the BP spill case are complaining about the messages the administrator for the $20 billion compensation fund has been giving to victims of the spill.  Kenneth Feinberg, the administrator, has been telling people they will get a better deal faster if they settle through the fund than if they sue.  Tort lawyers don't want to hear that.  Their payday comes from suing and hundreds of them have lined up to take BP through the court.  From a PR perspective, the administrator has pre-empted the tort lawyers who don't like being treated like this.  Too bad.  It is hard to feel sorry for them.  They were already planning to buy houses, limousines and personal jets from BP's treasury.  However, if administrator treats the public fairly, that won't happen, and it will be a result of good PR.


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