Monday, January 10, 2011


Almost all politicians in the US and Europe today have one of the hardest messages to send  to citizens -- Anti-growth, no growth, cutbacks.  There is no good way to do it.  Here is one attempt.   Most citizens dislike it, and government employees, especially unionized employees, are riled by it to the point of violence.  It would have been far better if in good times politicians had prepared citizens for the lean years, but they never do.  Politicians understand growth.  They do not grasp budget control and the need to say no.  They have trained the populace to ask for and get new programs, and they rate themselves on the basis of spending programs they pass into law.  Anti-growth is a message that will be rejected by the politicians themselves as soon as they see signs of a turnaround, but for now, it is their burden to communicate. 


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