Monday, January 24, 2011

So Much For Hype 

The Pittsburgh Steelers beat the New York Jets in the AFC Championship game last night.  You know that.  What you might not have been aware of was the unrelenting hype about the game over the last week in New York.  Newspapers, radio, TV, blogs, twitters were chattering madly about the game and the Jets's coming success.  Merchandise was flying from stores and street hawkers.  There were rallies and demonstrations of support.  It was a delirious tizzy until it came to end.  Although the score seemed close it wasn't.  The Steelers had buried the Jets by the half and hung on to win it.  There is a lesson there about celebrating too early but no one will learn it.  It is always this way and always will be.  The hype was tiring, and it raised a sense of foreboding about the game.  From a PR point of view, it is better to be understated than to pick up shattered pieces and try to explain failure.  

Now, get ready for the hype about the Super Bowl.

Leif, I'm not a Bears fan, but how are they "nouveau riche"? Along with the Cardinals they are the oldest team in the league, predating even the Packers by a year.

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