Monday, February 14, 2011

Noise And Messages 

How much data is available in the world?  Here is one estimate.  It was about 61 CD-ROMS for every person living on the planet in 2007.  It will be more now.  What this says is that the noise of competing information is not only intense but overwhelming.  It is in this noise that PR practitioners and communicators must transmit their messages and make them heard.  There should be no surprise that it is getting more difficult every day.  Cleverness and clarity take one only so far.  Segmentation of audiences is not enough.  Appeals to individuals are being lost.  So what are communicators to do?  It is not clear.  People are hearing messages but not necessarily those that one is sending.  Shifting transmission to new media is helping but those channels too are already noisy and becoming more so.  We have entered an era of cacophony, and there is little that anyone can do about it.


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