Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Scientific Religion 

PR practitioners should know to be skeptical of claims unsupported by fact but there is a discipline that often gets a pass -- science.  There is a tendency to give credence to claims of respected scientists because they base hypotheses on hard evidence.  Well, not always.  Scientists are as fallible as any other human in leaping to unsupported conclusions then claiming them as fact.  This fellow's contention, though overstated, has a point.  When it comes to multiverses and other speculation about the origin of the universe, the scientific community has entered a realm of belief that cannot be tested.  Having faith is good, of course.  We could not survive without it, but it should be labeled as such and not passed off as truth.  That is what is happening here.  We have little evidence for the origin of the universe beyond the Big Bang and current theories are untestable.  Perhaps, it is time for the scientific community to admit that it is lost in speculation.


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