Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Twitter And The Media 

I missed this earlier but the conclusions are not surprising.  If you want to start a Twitter trend, post a comment about an article from the mainstream media.  In other words, credibility and content matter more than personality and number of followers one is able to attract.  Content, credibility and reputation are verities communicators forget continually in striving to leap on  the next new thing or to push products and brands.  Part of it comes from an inability to distinguish a good story from fluff.  Marketers and publicists too often fall in love with their products and lose objectivity.  It is hard to stand apart and evaluate a story on the basis of its newsworthiness, but that is what PR practitioners should be able to do, no matter what marketers say.  And, this is still a key reason why former news people make good PR practitioners.


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