Monday, March 07, 2011

Feckless Words 

The UN Secretary General has called for the end of indiscriminate attacks on Libyan citizens.    I'm sure Col. Qaddafi is listening.  That's irony, of course.  Qaddafi has already vowed to make the streets run with blood in his effort to maintain hold on the country.  One wonders why the UN Secretary General bothers to speak at all when he knows the key target for his persuasion is not listening.  The Secretary General's remarks are more for the rest of the world than for anyone in Libya.  Or, he could be fooling himself that the UN has sway over the dictator.  For some, the only persuasive tool is force:  Words are feckless.  Col Qaddafi fits the description.  He has already said he will die on Libyan soil, and he is giving every indication that he won't go easily.  The tools of persuasion are bombs, rockets and bullets.  The UN has none of these things in reserve.  


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