Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Future of Publishing? 

This is an interesting interview.  It is with an author who has discovered the secret to e-books is a price of 99 cents.  The author, John Locke, is a marketer who understands price barriers better than most writers.  He might not be the best author,  ( I haven't read his work.)  but he has something to show publishing houses that insist on keeping the price of e-books high.  One wonders if trade books would sell as well for the same price.  That is an hypothesis that has yet to be tested, as far as I know.  But, from a PR perspective, it has an appeal.  A client could self-publish a non-fiction work for 99 cents and get it into the hands of tens of thousands of readers.  The e-book would then become a valuable PR tool.  It would certainly be a change from typical hardcover trade books today that cost about $25 per copy.  It would also dismantle much of the infrastructure of publishing houses.  If I were a publisher, I would be worried.  


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