Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Permanent Loss of Trust? 

With continuing problems at the Japanese nuclear power plants, one wonders if the Japanese will ever trust nuclear power again.  And, if not, what will the country do to generate electricity?  It is a difficult situation for a land that lacks coal or natural gas.  Citizens may have to swallow hard and continue to live with the repaired plants -- the same situation that happened at Three Mile Island in the US.  From the power company's point of view, there is little or nothing it can say to restore credibility.  The ongoing accident has released radioactivity from a partial meltdown of new and spent rods.  People have been evacuated, and workers put at risk to stop fires and explosions.  Local foodstuffs -- spinach and milk -- have been irradiated.  Even if the plants go back online, local residents will live with fear in the back of their minds every day.  It is hard to believe that any more nuclear plants will be built in Japan.


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