Thursday, April 28, 2011

Self Publicist 

Here is a man who has mastered the art of publicizing himself.  Say what you want about him (My thoughts are unprintable.), but he has a media pack that follows his proclamations and publishes his inanities.  Trump apparently is of the school that any publicity is good as long as his name is in print and on the air.  Publicity is oxygen even when he is making an ass of himself, but it keeps him where he wants to be -- in front of people.  What is not clear is whether his publicity is helping him in his real estate development business.  My guess is that it is not, especially since he has had troubles keeping buildings out of debt default.  So what drives him?  Commentators point to his ego and that may be the best explanation.  It is possible that he truly believes he is as good as he claims.  Whether or not he continues his quest for the presidency, we are likely to have him around for a few months more until voters have a chance to voice their opinion of him.


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