Friday, April 01, 2011

Twitter Stats 

If these statistics about Twitter are true -- and I suspect they are -- then Twitter isn't much of a tool for PR practitioners.  That is, Twitter shouldn't be looked upon as a broadcast medium but a narrowcast to selected audiences.  In retrospect, it is hard to accept that 20,000 users get most of the readers.  That figure seems high.  From a practitioner's perspective, what this study means is use of Twitter depends heavily on audience building -- even more so than blogging.  It is an easy outlet to throw into the media mix, but given the time to do it well, I would emphasize other online media first.  Twitter has become white noise for audiences.

Correction:  Twitter started as a narrowcast medium and evolved into broadcast for a tiny percentage of users.   From a PR perspective, it should be treated as narrowcasting.

Perhaps, but I would argue that public relations is a narrowcast tool (relationships) rather than a broadcast tool (publicity).
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