Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pricking A Bubble 

It is well known that the cost of college has escalated beyond affordability.  It is a bubble.  Here is someone who is doing something about it.  He is telling the young that they don't have to graduate from college to start a business, and he is right.  Three of the largest high-tech companies were founded by college dropouts -- Bill Gates, Michael Dell and Larry Ellison.  The point that this philanthropist-entrepreneur is trying to make with his awards to budding business people flies in the face of conventional wisdom and parental fears.  No wonder he has reaped publicity for making the grants.  Now if parents and students would only listen, the inexcusable increase of college costs might be stopped.  Colleges and universities are unable to do budget themselves on their own.  They need the pressure of the public to regulate them.  Call it reverse public relations.


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