Thursday, May 19, 2011

What Do You Do? 

This story raises a question.  What kind of courage is needed to tell a boss that he or she has blundered -- and badly.  Newt Gingrich speaks first and thinks later.  Last Sunday, he did just that and he ran afoul of his party to the point that his young candidacy for president is in jeopardy.  He has been backpedaling and has disavowed what he said, but why didn't he think first?  If you were his communications director, what would you say to him?  Get on message and stay there?  What if he is undisciplined and incapable of staying on message?  How does one guide an errant missile?  Or, does one conclude that the assignment is hopeless?  Politicians aren't the only ones with loose tongues, just the most prominent.  Some asides and quips can be good and show off talents.  Others are deadly.  There is betting that Gingrich won't last long on the campaign trail.  The more he speaks extemporaneously, the shorter it might be.


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