Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More Bad News 

How do you communicate a positive message when news is continuously bad?  This is the challenge facing the Obama administration on the issue of jobs.  Job creation remains stubbornly flat, but jobs are what Americans want.  To the President's credit, he is focused on the issue and moving to create training programs, but there is no certainty that once an unemployed person is retrained there will be a job waiting.  Several commentators have pointed out that the US is undergoing a major and slow transition, and it is uncertain where the jobs will be in the future and when they will appear.  This, of course, is of no use to the President who needs to create jobs now.    It is a difficult communications issue.  One can't ignore the facts.  Certainly, America's unemployed aren't.  Hope lasts only a little while then citizens what to see action.


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