Friday, June 03, 2011


It doesn't take much to destroy a carefully crafted image.  One helicopter ride will do it, as the governor of New Jersey has discovered.  The governor portrays himself as a cost cutter.  He has fought with one group, especially teachers, after another to bring the budget in control.  He hasn't been nice about it either.  The governor is known for a tongue that cuts and crushes at the same time.  Then he was videotaped taking a state helicopter to his son's high school baseball game.  The firestorm was predictable and the use of the word "hypocrite"  frequent.  Yesterday, he reluctantly agreed to reimburse the state for part of the cost of his flight but he won't apologize.  Opponents will use the incident gleefully from now on, and the governor has lost much of the credibility that he had built.  He should have known better.


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