Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Sudden Death 

How delicate is reputation?  A company can lose its entire business with one false accusation.  Just ask Spanish farmers who were accused of shipping to Germany cucumbers tainted with e coli bacteria.   Germany now admits that it was wrong but there are hundreds of tons of Spanish produce piling up weekly and rotting.   There is nothing the farmers can do to get other countries to accept it until those countries believe Spain has been wrongly accused.   Germany is in a difficult position itself.  People have taken sick and died from a virulent e coli infection but as of late yesterday, the country still hadn't identified the source of the problem.  It has become a credibility issue with the country's health system.  It is urgent that Germany find the cause because farming throughout Europe is on tenterhooks until it does.  There is no easy answer for a situation like this.


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