Friday, June 24, 2011

When Persuasion Fails... 

There is a point in communication when no amount of persuasion, bartering and arm-twisting works.  This is one.  So, what do the Vice President and President do now?  There is a hard August deadline that the Secretary of the Treasury says the United States must meet to maintain its full faith and credit with the rest of the world.  The Republicans, however, will have their way or they will flirt with breaking the deadline.  The President can demonize the Republicans but will that make them any more willing to compromise?  He can invite them to the White House and use his prestige to gain an agreement of some kind, but will it be enough?  There is a point when communication ends and movement must begin.  Democrats and Republicans are in a stand-off and waiting for the other side to bend.  So far, neither will and words fail.


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