Monday, July 25, 2011

Craving For Publicity 

The Norwegian killer of 93+ people is craving for publicity to explain his beliefs.  Norway's court system has ruled against him.  There are times when muzzling another person make sense.  This is one of them.  Already much is known about the killer's views.  He has a manifesto and web page detailing his dislike of multiculturalism.  Why should a government and country give him any more time?  One might argue that providing him a platform will show how deranged he is, but there is no right for him to express himself.  He has done enormous damage to the country and its citizens already.  There is little need to provide him opportunity to do more.  Sadly, Norway's maximum jail term is apparently 21 years.  This fellow could harm the country again.

Update:  The Norwegian police have revised the death toll down to 76 and Norway's court is putting the killer into isolation for four weeks to prevent him from contacting anyone.  


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