Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Enduring Misconceptions 

That Texas is still having votes over teaching of evolution is a demonstration of how stubbornly people hold to misconceptions.  It should be a warning to PR practitioners who think it is easy to change perceptions.  It isn't and never has been.  Even when one has total control of communications, there is no way to ensure that everyone is marching in step.  That is both the glory and despair of the human condition.  It is a reminder that one can never rest and even though opinions are crackpot, as they are with creationism, they can still hold political power.  One can never assume that people are reasonable and informed nor can one assume that one's own reason and information are informed.  There is always a chance that you are wrong.  However, when a preponderance of evidence is on your side, you can speak confidently. Just remember that some won't listen.


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