Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It Doesn't Take Much 

It doesn't take much to fall behind and lose one's reputation in the high-tech marketplace.  This discussion of Research in Motion's current difficulties has been repeated dozens of times.  Each time, details vary but the essence remains the same -- a momentary loss of focus on the market leads to a tailspin.   It is a Darwinian existence -- eat or be eaten.  One needs to scan constantly for what competitors are doing, planning and thinking.  Scraps of news are as important as full-blown stories.  From a PR and reputational perspective, one dare never rest.  It seems as if RIMM might have taken its market share for granted -- a fatal mistake.  It now faces a slog to remain a player, probably a minor one, as Apple, Google and others have moved beyond its technology.  The worst mistake RIMM's executives can make is to deny their peril.  I've witnessed that and the results are devastating.  Large companies sink quickly from sight and thousands are put onto the street, not quite understanding what happened to them so quickly.  


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