Friday, July 22, 2011

Time To Blink 

It is time for Republicans and Democrats in Washington to blink and break the stare-down that has been going on for months.   Neither side is paying attention to the public that wants compromise.  Ideologues make poor legislators and citizens, though they might not pay close attention to what is happening in Washington, at least know what they don't like.  All sides are to blame in this standoff -- Republicans for insisting on no tax increases and Democrats for refusing to cut entitlements.  It reminds one of labor-management fights that were only resolved when companies such as General Motors were near bankruptcy.  There are two views of government at odds -- a minimalist approach favored by Republicans and an activist approach supported by Democrats.  Each has a constituency.  The views will clash in the aisles of Congress until the public resolves generally what it wants to do.  Meanwhile, it is time for deal-making, for putting aside differences and accepting half a loaf.  One wonders if legislators in DC understand that.


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