Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bad Dream 

Among nightmares the White House is suffering with the economy, add this one.  The White House tried to make solar-panel manufacturer Solyndra a centerpiece of its green jobs push, but Solyndra went belly up taking $535 million in government loans with it.  That is embarrassing enough but there is evidence that the White House pushed the Federal bureaucracy to approve the loan so Solyndra could serve as a model, and in the rush, there might not have been enough auditing of Solyndra's books.   In other words, a complete botch of a PR program.  Why is it when an organization is down, it can't seem to get anything right?  This appears to be the affliction the  Obama administration is living with at the moment.  However, if the President can put a few wins on the board, it is possible to turn the perception around with headlines like "White House regains its footing."  All is not lost, but the President can't be sleeping well.


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